Screen capture of “Welcome to LutteCoin: The Situationist Blockchain” from YouTube
Screen capture of “Welcome to LutteCoin: The Situationist Blockchain” from YouTube



The Situationist International was a movement inspired by surrealism, Dada, and libertarian Marxism. Noticing “revolutionary” discourse attached to the decentralization of financial institutions in the cryptocurrency space, while lacking any truly revolutionary frameworks, we propose a decentralized peer-to-peer Situationist blockchain. Abandoning the spectacle of economic productivity, our “Proof of Non-Work Consensus Protocol” turns devices into an otherwise useless object, or “brick.” Users, liberated from the spectacle of electronic interfaces, pursue other dreams. The CPU power of these devices cannot be turned off until they burn out. They are inaccessible, mining and destroying wealth in an endless parody of economics.

The Situationist Blockchain Foundation

LutteCoin is a project of the Excavations: Governance Archaeology for the Future of the Internet arts and research residency, held virtually at University of Colorado Boulder’s Media Enterprise Design Lab and King’s College, London. The residency’s aim was to explore pre-digital mechanisms across diverse societies and cultural practice through creation-oriented research. Curated by Federica Carugati (King’s College London), and Darija Medic and Nathan Schneider (Media Enterprise Design Lab, University of Colorado Boulder), with support from the Eutopia Foundation and in collaboration with DiploFoundation.

— Source: project’s website

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