FORMS – String Quartet


Playmodes, FORMS – String Quartet, 2021
Playmodes, FORMS – String Quartet, 2021 (Source)


“FORMS – String Quartet” is a live multimedia performance for string quartet, electronic music and panoramic visuals, based on the concept of “graphic sonification”.

The musicians interpret a series of graphic scores that in turn build up the visual scenography, offering the audience the experience of being able to anticipate the “music to come”.

These scores, together with the spectrograms that make up the electronic accompaniment of the piece, have been previously created using generative graphics algorithms.

This performance, made in collaboration with Quartet Brossa, was recorded at Barcelona’s CosmoCaixa Science Museum in April 2021, during the art+science NEO cycle, curated by Irma Vilà and Pau Alsina.

— Source: Playmodes’ website

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