John Lucy, Hypergesture, 2020
John Lucy, Hypergesture, 2020


A large-scale robotic installation consisting of two custom robot arms designed and manufactured by myself based on a design for a surgical robot which constrains the movement of the end effector to orbit around a single point in space. The two robots perform a dance duet together by performing movement sequences.

The movement is controlled by two stepper motors in the base which transmit rotation to the end effector through a system of belts, pulleys, chains and sprockets. The end effector is fitted with a warm white LED bulb to draw the attention of the viewer to the relationship between the two end effectors which share a spherical workspace. The spherical workspace echoes the Kinesphere, choreographer and dance theorist Rudolf Laban's conception of the range of motion of a dancer's body - a sphere formed by the reachable area from a standing position with limbs outstretched.

— Source: Lucy's website

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