Cerith Wyn Evans, A=F=L=O=A=T, 2014
Cerith Wyn Evans, A=F=L=O=A=T, 2014. © Mat Janson Blanchet (Source)


With its ghostly presence that lends itself to being heard before being seen, A=F=L=O=A=T by Cerith Wyn Evans is an evocation in sound of Frank Gehry’s building. Specially designed by the artist for the Fondation, the sculpture is composed of 20 glass flutes, extended by long transparent tubes to a blower which is left visible. Suspended in the shape of an ellipse and staggered at different heights, each flute plays a note from a composition created by the artist. The sounds form layers that envelop visitors in a vibratory continuum.

— Source: Fondation Louis-Vutton

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