Michaël Samyn


Both Auriea and Michaël were trained as artists. Auriea studied sculpture at Parson's in New York and Michaël graphic design at Sint Lucas in Ghent, Belgium. We've been using computers since Windows 3.1 and Mac System 7. We met online in 1999 as members of an online artist collective around the hell.com domain. We have been collaborating form the very day we met. At first, as Entropy8Zuper!, on website designs for clients and on internet artworks. Then expanding to other types of interactive projects. Since 2002 we've focus on videogames. In 2015 we abandonded commercial production in favor of dedicating our lives to the muses. In 2019 we moved from the beautiful medieval city of Ghent, Belgium, to the eternal splendor of Rome.

— Source: Tale of Tales' website

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