Maurizio Bolognini


Maurizio Bolognini is a visual artist and researcher who has been working at the intersection of art and technology. His installations explore the aesthetic and social implications of new media, investigating various dimensions: the possibility of delegating his artistic action to the infinite time of the machine, generating out-of-control infinities (endless images, inexhaustible voices, as in the Programmed Machines series, from 1988); experimenting with advanced forms of audience interactivity (Collective Intelligence Machines series, from 2000), networking and e-democracy, the space-time flows of technological communication, and the interplay of geographical and electronic space.

Before working as a media artist, he received degrees in Urban Studies and Social Sciences from the University of Birmingham, UK, and the University of Venice. He later worked as a researcher in the field of electronic democracy and structured communication techniques (which he also used in some interactive installations).

— Source: Bolognini's website

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