New Media / New Art



New Art/New Media is a collective of Canadian artists committed to exploring art as a means of relating to places, people, process, and to potential futures.  An evolving troupe of artists across the genres of music, dance, theatre, and visual art, New Art/New Media’s mission is to create adventurous works that defy traditional artistic boundaries and foster new possibilities for exchange among artists, art forms, and audiences. 

Formed in 2018 by musician/researchers Juan Olivares and Meghan Lindsay, New Art/New Media was born from a series of artistic gatherings committed to challenging the confines of existing genres. From improvisatory jam sessions, to panel discussions on the role of women in the arts, New Art/New Media evolved as a space for innovation and community- using art to start conversations, share stories, and create empathetic connections with the unfamiliar. 

— Source: New Media / New Art's website

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