Stephen Cass


A senior editor at IEEE Spectrum, Stephen Cass has previously written and edited for publications that include Discover, MIT Technology Review, Nautilus, and Popular Science. Most of his coverage has centered on computing, consumer, and aerospace technologies. Cass also has a strong interest in exploring the boundaries between science fiction and real science and technology: He has edited a number of critically acclaimed science fiction anthologies, been spotted on panels at events like the San Diego Comic-Con, and is the coauthor of Hollyweird Science, a nonfiction book about movie and TV sci-fi. He currently helms Spectrum’s Resources section, where he revels in the opportunity to occasionally get paid to be a “maker” as the editor responsible for the Hands On column. Cass is also responsible for interactive projects such as the Top Programming Languages Web app. He has a bachelor’s in experimental physics from Trinity College Dublin. 

— Source: IEEE Spectrum's website

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