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Critical content and resources on Media Art.

Baruch Gottlieb


Baruch Gottlieb is a Montreal, Canada-born media artist, writer and filmmaker, exploring navigable fiction and documentary. His work has always explored the notion of the industrialization of the subject of industrially produced media.

Gottlieb's practise is mainly derived from film-making. In recent years, he has been developing random-access forms of narrative or discursive objects which can be presented in the art space. The central figure of this work is a human body. During two decades of personal and collaborative exploration of dance and movement in media, his work explores a 'syntax of human form', in a cosmology of 'human nature'. This work thus always includes a performative aspect, and has also been implemented in works of stage performance and public art and net-based art.

From 2005-2008, Gottlieb was assistant professor in Media Art at Yonsei University Graduate School of Communication and Arts, he is currently artist-researcher-in-residence at the Institute of Time-Based Media at the University of Arts, Berlin. Gottlieb has written on urbanism, media art, sound and sound art for a variety of publications. He is currently working on a modular documentary film project, navigation strategies for artistic database, and on 4-d media sculpting techniques.

— Source: Gottlieb’s website

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