Ana Peraica


Ana Peraica

Dr. Ana Peraica is the author The Age of total Images (Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam, in print), Fotografija kao Dokaz (Multimedijalni institut, Zagreb, 2018), Culture of the Selfie (Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam, 2017). She is also the editor of Smuggling Anthologies (MMSU, Rijeka, 2015), Victims Symptom (Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam, 2009), and Žena na raskrižju ideologija (HULU, Split, 2007). She currently works on the book Postdigital Arcadia and coedits Intelligent Agent Reader with Patrick Lichty. She teaches at Media Art Histories of Department for Image Science, Danube University Krems as well as on the Media Art Cultures (ERASMUS MUNDUS) program by a consortium of universities, Danube University and Aalborg, Lodz and Hong Kong. Since 2019 she teaches at History Department, Central European University (CEU), Budapest.

After researching boomerang effects the birth of the networked society had on traditional art institutions (accompanied by the demise of socialist society as a different mode of production), she analysed strategies of anonymity and pseudonymity, parallel hyper-narratives, redundant versions, and forgeries anticipating both the post-truth and pre-digital, when becoming a cultural norm. Her present research focuses on changes the post digital photography introduces in classic genres as self-portraiture, or landscape art, especially in aerial images and 360 images, and how new visual descriptions change the way we see the reality.

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