LESPACEMAKER. Credit: Mat Janson Blanchet


LESPACEMAKER is a non-profit social economy enterprise.

Its goal is to offer a collaborative space for fabrication (making), learning, exploration, creation, exhibition, and sharing of knowledge. One of its goals is to give access to specialized tools, to offer the space to use them, and unite varied expertise.

LESPACEMAKER offers wood, metal, mechanical, screen printing, 3D printing, and bike workshops.  Many more may be offered based on the commitment and willingness of its members. Beginner, intermediate, and master-level courses are offered on a regular basis for each of these workshops. And certain workspaces are reserved for particulars, in order for them to set up their private space for professional and personal projects.

The project is currently in his start-up phase. LESPACEMAKER is located at 2875 Hochelaga in Centre-Sud, a stone’s throw from the Préfontaine metro station.

— Source: LESPACEMAKER's website

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