FabCafe Barcelona



FabCafe Barcelona was born in the city to be the place where people of all ages and disciplines can meet and make with digital tools everything they thought impossible before, in a creative atmosphere full of synergies.

A hub of imagination, where it is possible to bring your designs to reality through different machines, previously only accessible for industrial and research use, such as the Trotec laser cutter, 3D printers and a 3D scanner, all while enjoying your coffee and a snack.

But much more than just making while you have a drink, FabCafe presents itself as a network of creatives worldwide. We are part of a bigger team, with presence in Tokyo, Taipei, Bangkok, Sitges and soon New York, and more to come... With a global thinking but with a local action, we change the current structures and ways of producing and consuming, in which you, user, can be part of the change actively.

We are waiting for you in Barcelona!

— Source: FabCafe Barcelona's website, translated from Spanish with DeepL

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