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Pori Art Museum is famous for its exhibitions of international contemporary art. It was founded in 1981 around Professor Maire Gullichsen’s art collection. Pori Art Museum has a background in the tradition of modern art but is focused in its exhibitions and publications on contemporary art. Museum's profile has been characterized by environmental issues such as eco-art, site specific art, identities, multiculturalism, human rights and society – the dialogue between the individual and culture, between the local and the global.

Starting in the early nineties, the museum has also focused on developing the possibilities of art pedagogy based on contemporary art. Educational Services help clients of all ages to find new perspectives on art and visual culture. As the regional art museum in Satakunta, the museum hosts large collections and archives of modern and contemporary art.

The situation of the museum by the beautiful river bank in the oldest part of the city of Pori and also exhibition spaces are unique in Finland. In an old customs house back to the 1860s there is one huge, unified exhibition hall, which adapts to the changing needs of the exhibitions and large windows overlooking the river landscape. It is accompanied by a number of other exhibition spaces including Sculpture Garden outside and some of the others underground.

— Source: Pori Art Museum's website

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