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TOPO is a Montreal artist-run centre whose mission is to support and equip artists in their exploration of contemporary digital art practices.

Its training, creation, dissemination and mediation activities contribute to the development of its field of practice, at the heart of interdisciplinary and intercultural crossings through digital arts. The centre accompanies, supports and carries out interactive projects, welcomes artists in residence, offers specialised workshops, and engages in the community with cultural mediation initiatives. Its dissemination component explores innovative modes of presentation for digital works through exhibition, performance, publication and circulation activities.

A member of the Pied Carré group, the centre occupies a multifunctional production space open to the community and an exhibition space located on the ground floor of the Pôle de Gaspé in Montreal's Mile-End district.

— Source: TOPOS's website, translated from French with DeepL

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Latest Update: January 20, 2021