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Digital Arts Center, Taipei (DAC)



The Digital Arts Center, Taipei (DAC) was established in 2009 and operated by the Digital Arts Foundation, an organization commissioned by the Department of Cultural Affairs, Taipei City Government. The main goal of the Taipei Digital Arts Center is to promote and experiment with the research and development of digital art.

Since 2018, the Association of the Visual Arts in Taiwan (AVAT) undertook the operation of DAC and started promoting digital exhibitions and the strengthening of connections with the locals utilizing its rich resources and practical experience in art. The DAC provided the artists with a platform for them to work, exhibit, and collaborate with experts in various professional fields to promote the realization and exhibition of excellent digital art projects.

Currently, the DAC is focusing on the promotion of digital arts, conducting six exhibitions annually, the Taipei Digital Art Festival, and hosting more than 20 forums and workshops; dedicated to developing researches and creative resources in digital arts, promoting the development of digital art with diversity, and helping Taiwan to become an essential portal for digital art on the international stage.

— Source: DAC's website

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Latest Update: October 27, 2021