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Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB)



Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-LAB) was initiated in 2018 by the Taiwan Living Arts Foundation of the Ministry of Culture, to the aim of becoming the leading site of contemporary culture in Taiwan, with “innovation” as its core belief and directive. It is a vision for future experimentation and a nexus for international exchange, an imagining of a culture rooted in Asian and Taiwanese everyday experiences. Domestically, it serves as a physical incubation center for creative endeavors. The hope is to catalyze the interplay between all forms of creativity while developing an open and inclusive cultural landscape or social environment.

C-LAB is located at the site of the former Air Force Command Headquarters, which occupied the site of the Taiwan provincial government's Central Research Institute at Da'an, which in turn took over from the original Japanese-era Industrial Research Institute of the Taiwan Governor-General’s Office. The site became the Ministry of National Defense's (MND’s) Air Force Command Headquarters in 1949, among other subsequent identities. C-LAB is working in the public construction planning phase to carry out inventory of campus properties and revitalize usable space, opening up the site to cultural professionals and technical support teams who together participate in cross-disciplinary or interdisciplinary collaboration and co-creation. Through programs such as artistic cultural innovation experimentation, exhibitions, performances, screening events, cross-domain co-creation, international cultural exchange, educational promotion, and community service, as well as the establishment of innovative experimentation, new art and culture co-habitats, urban aesthetic parks, and other multi-purpose facilities, we are building on a vision for continued socio-cultural experimentation and practice.

— Source: C-LAB's website

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