Arts Santa Mònica



Arts Santa Mònica is a multi-disciplinary center, with a special focus on the culture around digital media that is produced in Catalonia. The center is a platform for the diffusion of the contemporary creativity of our country, and it presents itself to the public as a space for reflection that encourages discussions and generates ideas about the different concepts that circulate the artistic creation and its relation with the public: creativity, awareness, innovation, knowledge, aesthetics… Furthermore, international artists and creators find the possibility to present their works in the exhibition space.

The center is a platform and a channel for the creative talent, that finds in Arts Santa Mònica the place to unleash its potential to the fullest extension.

Exhibitions dedicated to disciplines like architecture, performing arts, visual arts, music, literature, design, gastronomy etc., have their place in the center. In addition, many activities are organized and they are well connected with the ongoing exhibitions and the center also welcomes the collaboration of other artistic centers.

— Source: Arts Santa Mònica's website

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