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Random Magazine has a long story. The first version went online in 2001 as a single webpage hosted by the art portal Exibart.com, but it soon grew into a bigger project. I used to post everyday a short article about Net Art, using the site as a public diary of my daily surfing sessions.

In 2005 I decided to get Random a brand new web address and a real publishing platform. A lot of people started to contribute and the topics began to widen, including all forms of digital creativity (video, installations, music, games). In 2008 year I decided to take a rest, giving myself the time to think about the future of this project I love so much.

In 2009, Random Magazine went back online, and it was very active until mid 2011.

This year, after a ten year story, Random finally quits, but stays online with its entire archive.

Valentina Tanni, editor of Random Magazine

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