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This book combines work from curators, digital artists, human computer interaction researchers and computer scientists to examine the mutual benefits and challenges posed when working together to support digital art works in their many forms. In Curating the Digital we explore how we can work together to make space for art and interaction. We look at the various challenges such as the dynamic nature of our media, the problems posed in preserving digital art works and the thorny problems of how we assess and measure audience’s reactions to interactive digital work.

Curating the Digital is an outcome of a multi-disciplinary workshop that took place at SICHI2014 in Toronto. The participants from the workshop reflected on the theme of Curating the Digital via a series of presentations and rapid prototyping exercises to develop a catalogue for the future digital art gallery. The results produce a variety of insights both around the theory and philosophy of curating digital works, and also around the practical and technical possibilities and challenges. We present these complimentary chapters so that other researchers and practitioners in related fields will find motivation and imagination for their own work.

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