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Arts & Médias has the lofty goal of being a reference for all things related media arts and installation art. However cataloguing every possible artwork, artist, and other resources is not possible without help.

We are more than interested in having you help us!

Note that at this time, we are only able to accept help from volunteers. We will inform you if the situation changes.

Write or translate

Please contact us by email, present yourself and how you intend to contribute to the content we present on this site. Do not hesitate to link to other articles that you have published, even if they are not in relation to our content. You can also share with us your profile on publicly accessible social networks—e.g. Twitter or Medium—where we can better understand your style and personnality.

Keep in mind that at this time, we are only able to accept help from volunteers.

Suggest new content

We understand that not everyone can commit to become a writer or an editor. If you wish to contribute by suggesting new content, we invite you to submit a suggestion on our GitHub repository. Please note this requires a GitHub account.

Point out errors

Please submit a bug report or request a correction on our GitHub repository. This requires a GitHub account.

Keep in mind that this site is currently maintained only by a single person doing this in their spare time, so any disrespecful communication will be deleted and ignored.

Contribute to the development of the site

We invite you to go to our GitHub repository and read the contribution guidelines. As mentioned above, we are only able to accept help from volunteers at this time.

Why do I have to use GitHub to suggest content or report issues?

We use GitHub to manage our tasks, whether they are content-related or code-related. In order to be able to manage suggestions and requests, we invite you to submit your requests this way. We will handle requests sent by email.

You can join GitHub for free. Contrary to popular belief, GitHub is not only a service for developers; this service allows for open-source collaboration on multiple types of projects. You can also follow the progress of your requests afterwards.

Why are your communications on GitHub only in English?

The project is meant to be an open source collaboration, so everyone must have access to the discussions that concern the project. Regardless of your beliefs or political allegiances, English is currently the lingua franca of the internet. As such, it is the language of choice for public communications.

In addition, it is not possible for us to translate all communications into all possible languages.