Arts & Médias

Critical content and resources on Media Art.

Arts & Médias

Critical content and resources on Media Art.


Did you create all this content?

No, Arts & Media is a platform that references content and resources, and aims to be the starting point for anyone looking for Media Art.

Think of Arts & Media as a search engine, but instead of being populated by algorithms that crawl the entire web, the content referenced here has been obtained by researching, visiting galleries and reading newsletters and specialized magazines. All content referenced here is therefore aligned with the editorial line of the site.

We ensure to provide credits to all creators when we feature their work, and we always provide a link to the original content. We also supplement the referenced content with metadata, put the different content pieces in relation to each other content, and in the case of articles and books, we also provide citations formatted for academic and research papers.

How can I contribute?

We invite you to head to the Contribute page with the link below to read more about how you can contribute by writing articles, helping us reference new content, managing content, or developing the site itself.

I have published a text elsewhere/written an essay and I would like to publish it on your site, is this possible?

Yes, for sure! Please see the Call for Papers page for details on how to proceed.

I noticed the "Recently Added Articles" section does not show articles in chronological order, what is up with that?

Arts & Médias is a hub where you can find references for content created and hosted elsewhere. We add links to other articles and content as we find them, so the sections in question show the recent additions, not in order in which those articles were originally published.

How does this site finance itself?

At this time, this site has no finances whatsoever. We handle all of the development and content management, as well as the expenses.

Eventually, we hope to obtain financing via grants, contracts for content creation, translation, or media monitoring (e.g. for curators, agents, etc.), and potentially by advertising.

Our infrastructure has been updated to accommodate advertisement.

Just as we do with our content, we select the advertisement we display. This means the ads presented to our visitors are always highly relevant to them.

We invite you to follow the link below to the Advertise page for more information.

Do you track visitors on the site?

We wish not to track users or use other fingerprinting method, but we now use Google Analytics as our means to collect information about site usage. Any question you may have about data collection methodology should be directed to their service.

Until the end of 2021, we were using PrivacyStats as our analytics provider, who are GDPR-compliant out of the box. While we appreciate the quality of their service, our lack of revenue required us to move to a free—as in you are the product—service.

Finally, all other scripts and assets that the site uses are self-hosted. This means no there is no other third party involved when you browse our content.

Why do I have to use GitHub to suggest content or report issues?

We use GitHub to manage our tasks, whether they are content-related or code-related. In order to be able to manage suggestions and requests, we invite you to submit your requests this way. We will not handle requests sent by email that should can be made via GitHub.

You can join GitHub for free. Contrary to popular belief, GitHub is not only a service for developers; this service allows for open-source collaboration on multiple types of projects. You can also follow the progress of your requests afterwards.

I did not find the answer to my question, could you help me?

We will try! Please contact us by email and we will see how we can help you.