Audio Production and DJing

SAT - Audio Production and DJing
SAT - Audio Production and DJing

Date and Location

May 26, 2020 (passed),
Montréal, Canada


Participants will learn about the tools and techniques of computer music composition, digital audio production and DJing (live audio mixing). They will learn how to create their own electronic music compositions and how to mount an audio performance (DJ set or live set) using the techniques of mixing different musical styles.


Become familiar with Ableton Live, a professional software for music composition, live performance and sound editing;

  • Discover the Serato DJ Intro software;
  • Explore and perfect different approaches and techniques for audio creation;
  • Learn about various methods of live audio performance;
  • Learn to build a personal artistic project.

Software: Ableton Live and Serato DJ Intro


Translated from French with Google Translate


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