STRP Festival 2021

STRP Festival
STRP Festival

Date and Location

Jun 2, 2021 — Jun 6, 2021,
Eindhoven, Netherlands


All of Us brings together artists, designers, developers and philosophers. We explore how collectivity and togetherness can be rethought and re-experienced.

STRP Festival 2021 is 4 days of online expo, participative experiences, inspiring talks, a digital tour, and a digital bar to hang out.

STRP Festival 2021

STRP Festival Expo

You will find 3D worlds, video animation, alternate realities, art created with bots and use of algorithms and art project videos. Enjoy our art installations that take you away from your screen. Join the digital tour, and you can even meet us in the bar!

STRP Festival Opening – Distant Thoughts

Tired of Zoom and Teams meetings? We have an entertaining experience lined up that will inspire you. Share your thoughts with a stranger somewhere on Earth in Distant Thoughts! Register here to join

STRP Festival Scenarios

STRP Scenario is an interactive open dialogue with artists, designers, media makers, thinkers, and... you! Get active with our audio walk, break-out sessions, audience voting about speculative futures, in-depth presentations and discussions.


— Source: STRP's website

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