Speculum Artium 2021

Date and Location

September 23, 2021 — September 25, 2021 (passed),
Trbovlje, Slovenia
Speculum Artium 2021
Speculum Artium 2021


Trbovlje has always proved its avant-garde in the field of culture along the way, throughout its historical development. The collapse of the organisational systems of social and production in the 20th century necessarily leads to a reflection on the way forward. New media culture certainly offers a historic opportunity to rebuild a sense of self-confidence and faith in the future in our space. Contemporary art has ended up in the hands of partial knowledge and interests, the uncompromising dictates of the post-capitalist mentality and the news merchants. It has somehow escaped the embrace of poets - explorers.

Speculum Artium presents productions that emerge within the very structure of new media practices in the world:

  • a synthesis of the principles of art and technology,
  • the socialisation of new media production,
  • to draw a red thread between traditional visual and new media practices,
  • to establish a critical reflection - a surbinding interface between art, technology and society.


— Source: Speculum Artium's website, translated from Slovenian with DeepL

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