NEW NOW Festival

Date and Location

August 27, 2021 — October 10, 2021 (now),
Essen, Germany
NEW NOW Festival
NEW NOW Festival


NEW NOW is an opportunity to experience Digital Arts

Pioneering contemporary artists develop new works addressing issues of our times and participants witness art in the making. The industrial world heritage Zollverein will be transformed into an open production venue for Digital Arts.

A festival as a living sculpture

NEW NOW is like a living sculpture in a continual process of development: Artists take over the Mixing Plant at Zollverein and create new works on site. The festival’s programme accompanies their artistic process and invites the public to actively contribute. Together, artists and participants shape the NEW NOW sculpture, with new elements emerging throughout the festival. A concluding exhibition presents the realised works and reflects the creative process.

From not-yet to new now

NEW NOW explores phenomena of our times and asks: How do we want to shape our world? The Digital Arts serve as a venue for speculation. Here, artists and participants alike have the freedom to imagine and test new visions for the present.

Zollverein as a venue of creative production

From coke to contemporary art: NEW NOW takes place at the Mixing Plant of the Zollverein Coking Plant – UNESCO World Heritage and an icon of industrial culture. Today, Zollverein mines ideas instead of coal and NEW NOW transforms the site into a production venue for Digital Arts. Concrete bunkers and huge coal containers provide spectacular spatial situations and an extraordinary festival atmosphere amid genuine industrial architecture.

Phygital, Slow, Interdisciplinary

Let’s get phygital! NEW NOW merges the physical with the digital and creates phygital artistic worlds. The festival feeds on the exchange between a wide range of disciplines and practices. The NEW NOW’s duration of five weeks aims to foster deceleration and “slow programming” – deliberately providing room for reflection.

— Source: NEW NOW Festival's website

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