Art Souterrain

Date and Location

February 20, 2021 — March 14, 2021 (passed),
Montréal, Canada
Art Souterrain
Art Souterrain


Art Souterrain is proud to present for its 13th consecutive year, the Underground Art Festival from February 20th to March 14th 2021. At the heart of Montreal, some thirty artists and performers will present, during 24 days, contemporary art works and performances around the theme of Chronometry. The works selected by the two curators, Nathalie Bachand (Canada) and Dulce Pinzon (Mexico), will be accessible in the safe public spaces of Montreal's underground city at all times and free of charge, even if the city is still in the red zone!

— Source: Art Souterrain's website, translated from French with DeepL

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