~Unstable Intermediated Forms~

Date and Location

November 11, 2021 — December 18, 2021 (passed),
Montréal, Canada
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Beginning November 11, 2021, TOPO announces a new exhibition in the showcase with a media proposal by artists Rob Feulner and Sam Meech, Unstable Intermediated Forms. The artists suggest a series of generative video feedback and analog glitch works exploring fluid dynamics, pattern generation and interactivity. The installation connects a variety of “fragile” interdependent devices to generate new forms and interpretations beyond their control. Real-time video processing, misuse of technology, and exploitation of technical limitations are core to Rob Feulner and Sam Meech's approach.

This installation includes video and interactive works previously exhibited by each artist alongside nascent video feedback experiments. The artists use non-linear systems that fluctuate between chaos and order, rendering video artifacts, sometimes giving them natural movements, such as the oscillation of the water. The artists’ original body of work are here entangled through intermediated systems that influence and affect one another, constantly shaping and shaped by the environment.

The multi-channel device presented in TOPO's showcase stands in opposition to the notion of "stable intermediated forms," which refers to works that develop through iteration, that is, through programming processes that combine an element of experimentation and robust outcomes and mitigating risks in the progression towards an ideal. Several of Feulner and Meech's earlier works conform to this notion: crystallised forms born out of experimentation, but ultimately locked down as fixed media processes for exhibitions.

In this exhibition, by offering instead unstable and intermediated forms, Feulner and Meech seek to extend the potential for failure. The exploratory interconnection of technological devices to generate unpredictable results multiplies the possibilities of happy accidents or new harmonies. This remix can produce new dynamics and generate new patterns of co-operative behavior.

The artists use a combination of analog processing, live camera inputs, digital projection and interactive design (using Isadora software). A set of LED lights is also programmed to react with the works in the space.

Re-staging digital art is often challenging, and in this case the intention is to reverse engineer the artists' original works to hack them together. The artists know that some elements of the installation will not work as intended, but that doesn't mean they are not "working." They will certainly have to go on site during the exhibition to adjust settings, camera feedback angles, replace faulty television sets or work around software bugs. In the end, distortions don't matter, dead leaves make great compost and spare parts build machines.

As the video feeds influence each other in their very form, Feulner and Meech's artistic collaboration affects one another. Their collaboration impacts both their aesthetics and production. Unstable Intermediated Forms encourages them to step outside the bubble and expand their field of exploration.

— Source: event's website

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