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The Imitation Game: Visual Culture in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Date and Location

March 5, 2022 — October 23, 2022 (passed),
Vancouver, Canada
Vancouver Art Gallery
Vancouver Art Gallery


The Imitation Game surveys the extraordinary uses (and abuses) of artificial intelligence (AI) in the production of modern and contemporary visual culture around the world. The exhibition follows a chronological narrative that first examines the development of artificial intelligence, from the 1950s to the present, through a precise historical lens. Building on this foundation, it emphasizes the explosive growth of AI across disciplines, including animation, architecture, art, fashion, graphic design, urban design and video games, over the past decade. Revolving around the important roles of machine learning and computer vision in AI research and experimentation, The Imitation Game reveals the complex nature of this new tool and demonstrates its importance for cultural production.

Featured artists, designers and architects include *airegan, Stafford Beer, BIG, Ben Bogart, Gui Bonsiepe, Sougwen Chung, Muriel Cooper, DeepDream, Stephanie Dinkins, Scott Eaton, Epic Games, Amber Frid-Jimenez, Neri Oxman, Patrick Pennefather and WETA, among others.

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