Altered States

Date and Location

April 20, 2018 — April 22, 2018 (passed),
Montréal, Canada
Three television screens being silvery drapes with a greenish back lighting
Zoé Jacole, Somebody to Love, 2018. © Alexis Gagnon


In the context of the Advanced Practices in Video, Performance and Electronic Arts course at Concordia University, students created a personal body of work, refined technical expertise, and developed a visual and critical language related to video, performance, and electronic arts. As an end of programme course, students organized an exhibit to showcase their work.

Whether it's a dream or a trance, in an altered state you are able to access something other than your conventional reality. It could be induced by adrenaline, hypnosis, drugs, the internet, a ritual, a death in the family, or an epiphany. An altered state applies equally to the mind as it does to the body. It speaks to physical transformations, metamorphoses, chemical reactions, and other processes of change. It is a process of enacting change. As a verb, it means the potential to shift the structures, systems, and institutions that shape our world. We attempt to transcend by any means necessary. Enjoy the trip.

Presenting Artists

Philip Gagnon, Adriana Smith, Kathy Lewis, Zoé Jacole, Diana Lazzaro, Mat Janson Blanchet, Dougy Hérard, Lesya Nakoneczny, Amy Colpitts, Anna Grigorian, Alexis Gagnon, Hadi Jamali, Phoebe Miezcnikowski, Émilie McDonald-Corbin, Mary McNee, David Howlett, Nick Walker, Miroslaw Gwiazda, Beric Manywounds, Nick Saulnier, June Crawford.

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