FAB16 Montréal

Date and Location

August 9, 2021 — August 15, 2021 (passed),
Montréal, Canada


FAB16 brings together members of the international Fab Lab Network, as well as government representatives, academic researchers and experts in the field of digital fabrication, to present, envision, discuss, and create community around digital fabrication, manufacturing, technology and innovation.

This meeting includes several events for the manufacturing community and for the general public. The community component includes a symposium with conferences about Fab Labs, digital manufacturing methods, innovative and ecological approaches, digital fabrication workshops given by the fabber community, and a Super Fab Lab, large innovative space intended for manufacturing prototypes and workshops.

FAB16 reaches more than 2000 Fab Labs in 126 countries and more than 1200 participants : fabbers, ecofriendly designers, people in the manufacturing industry, artists, teachers, researchers, and more.

For a larger audience, the Fab Festival event will be the window for the entire Montréal community, a totally free event. Adults and children will discover making technologies and prototyping demonstrations about Fab Labs from around the world.

— Source: FAB16's website

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