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Write or Submit Papers

Do you have academic papers gathering dust in you drawers? Were you unable to publish your texts because you have to pay to publish? Are there any other gatekeepers preventing you from publishing your work?

At Arts & Médias, we understand that it may be hard to get your work published before you are a recognized art historian or writer. We will gladly publish or link to those articles so it can help you obtain some public exposure.

Head to the Call for Papers page for more details.

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We understand that not everyone can commit to become a writer or an editor, but that you still may want to share your knowledge with us.

First, you may use the following links to suggest content via Google Forms:

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No one is immune to making mistakes, and neither are we. Typos, wrong credit attribution, functional issues, every issue is worth addressing.

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Are you tech-savvy and do you wish to contribute your skills to the project?

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As mentioned above, we are only able to accept help from volunteers at this time.

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