Chefs-d'oeuvre du 21e siècle

L'art à l'ère digitale

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Title translation: “21st Century Masterpieces: Art in the Digital Age”

If the craftsmen of the Middle Ages were fulfilled in the production of a masterpiece, in the 19th century, with the advent of the museum, the masterpiece takes on its full dimension, so that the avant-gardes of modern art finally turn away from it. However, this notion is re-emerging in the first quarter of the 21st century, and we can already take a critical look at it through the contemporary creations that illustrate it so perfectly.

The 50 masterpieces gathered in this book are approached through the prism of contemporary issues raised by, among other things, our cohabitation with robots, the relationship we have with artificial intelligence, the flow of images and the processing of our data. For the masterpieces of the third industrial revolution, those that emerge from both the use and criticism of science and innovation technology, offer us as many readings of today's all-digital world. Each creation analysed allows us to consider what, possibly in it, makes it a masterpiece!

— Source: back cover blurb, translated from French with DeepL

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