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Art immersif, affect et émotion

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Title translation: “Immersive Art: Affect and Emotion”

Although the experiential current is flooding immersive art, few works deal with it. What happens when the body is immersed in a field of affects that provoke emotional reactions? How to distinguish affect and emotion? What about the immersive experience from which emerges an event, in the sense of Whitehead? An aesthetic event.

To navigate these waters, the transformational approach proposed by Louise Boisclair is anchored in the experiential narrative of immersive works by Stern and Manning, Horsthuis and Lucas, Dubois, del Val, SenseLab, Béland, Fleischer, the definitions of the artists Stern, Goodman, Fristch, Boissonnet, Abenavoli, Sommerer and the works of Benayoun, Choinière and Dal Farra, Guibert, Sagmeister, Hentschläger, Rheiner, Kolgen. Finally, the knowledge of the living body passes through the sieve of the philosophy of the experience, the theory of the affect and the affective sciences.

Art immersif, affect et émotion will be of interest to audiences who value experience as a source of theorization and to artists, cultural workers, professors and students of installation art and interactive media aesthetics.

— Source: back cover blurb, translated from French with DeepL

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