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Art et numérique en résonance

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Title translation: “Art and digital in resonance”

Art and digital merge to “resonate” together. Today, there are many works initiated thanks to a search engine or a mobile device. Networked artistic practices and amateur uses are intertwined. To make work, artists hijack social media that we all appropriate. Because digital cultures are very widely shared today. Dominique Moulon, at the end of a series of three exhibitions presented in 2015 at the Center d'Art de la Maison populaire in Montreuil, continues in this book his reflection on the most recent development of the digital phenomenon in art. Through the works of 27 artists and 12 interviews with international personalities (critics, heads of institutions, gallery owners), he proposes three movements (convergence, re-emergence, consequences) as so many possible keys of interpretation of the fusion of the art and digital.

— Source: Amazon, translated from French with Google Translate

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