L'art au-delà du digital

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Title translation: “Art Beyond Digital”

Digital technology has intruded into all spheres, private, public and professional, of our societies and has shaped them. Since always, artists, seize the techniques or technologies of their time to testify.

To each diverted innovation correspond works, but it takes time to the art world to integrate new practices as new media. Impatient, the most fervent defenders of digital art have structured themselves into communities internationally by organizing dedicated events. Their practices are now coming to maturity and the public is culturally ready to welcome their creations as it already does within festivals.

At the same time, we notice the first signs of an acceptance of digital in art through institutions as well as on the market, whose dominant position we know. The purpose of this book is to study the works of current practices without focusing on their digital part. To analyze them in the context of their monstration by assembling them so that together they dialogue. In order to demonstrate that the digital is nothing other than a medium of contemporary art whose specificities should however be considered.

Dominique Moulon, doctor in plastic arts, art critic specialized in digital art, curator, teaches digital creation in several schools of art and communication. He has published, among others, Art contemporain nouveaux médias (2011) and L'Art et le numérique en résonance (2015).

— Source: back cover blurb, translated from French with DeepL

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