STARS brings together Yayoi Kusama, Takashi Murakami, and Hiroshi Sugimoto at Mori Art Museum


, Nov 5, 2020
Yayoi Kusama, Pink Boat, 1992
Yayoi Kusama, Pink Boat, 1992. Credit: designboom


from now through january 3, 2021, the mori art museum in tokyo presents six artists whose careers propelled them beyond the confines of japan, earning them international acclaim across generations. STARS: six contemporary artists from japan to the world traces the journey of yayoi kusama, lee ufan, tatsuo miyajima, takashi murakami, yoshitomo nara, and hiroshi sugimoto from their earliest to most recent works, exploring how their practices have been evaluated in the global context. STARS touches upon the artists’ pursuit of universal issues exceeding nationality and culture, traditions and aesthetics, technology and subculture — all while keeping in mind the social, cultural and economic background unique to japan.

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