Refik Anadol Trains AI to Dream of New York City


, Sep 18, 2019
Refik Anadol, Machine Hallucination, 2019
Refik Anadol, Machine Hallucination, 2019


Watching Refik Anadol’s Machine Hallucination (2019) is a dizzying experience, like taking a ride at a carnival. Created with algorithms that found and processed hundreds of millions of images of New York City, Machine Hallucination is a buzzing, immersive audiovisual piece, on view at Artechouse, a new digital art space in New York’s Chelsea Market, through November 17. The gallery is a 6,000-square foot converted boiler room, sporting the kind of scrubbed ex-industrial chic—exposed brick, soaring ceilings—that has become a cliché in New York. With Anadol’s piece projected on its walls and floor, the space conjures both nightclubs and nightmares.

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