Creativity in the digital age: how has the internet affected the art world?


, Feb 2, 2018
Camille Henrot, Grosse fatigue, 2013
Camille Henrot, Grosse fatigue, 2013


Don’t expect a bunch of screens around the gallery space; it’s more than just so-called “digital art”. “The canvas is the oldest virtual medium, oldest screen there is,” said Respini, who has included the paintings of Michel Majerus and Avery Singer.

The exhibition highlights ground-breaking media art from the 1990s, like Naim June Paik’s Internet Dream, a wall of 52 TV monitors created in 1994 – a year when many people didn’t even know the internet existed. Also on view is Imagination Dead Imagine, a 1991 video installation by Judith Barry where the human form is wrapped around a cube of video screens.

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