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November 21, 2017

Luis Toledo
Luis Toledo. © Florian Voggeneder


As a mid-term assignment for the Studies in the History of Media Art: Screen Culture class, we were tasked to research an artwork that could be related a contemporary news item. I remembered Luis Toledo’s piece, Echo Chamber, which is an installation where visitors can judge news items by enacting a thumbs-up or thumbs-down gesture over a sensor. Over time, the variety of news presented to the audience reduce, causing the namesake of the piece, an echo chamber. As this algorithmic news catering, and how it potentially affects politics and society, is a quite touchy subject these days, I felt it was perfect for the research paper.


He gracefully accepted to respond to my many questions by email. I would like to thank Mr. Toledo for his time and for the information he accepted to share with me. Below are his responses. Only minor modifications were made for clarity.

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