Visual and Media Arts BFA

Academic Institution

UQAM. Credit: Luc Lavigne, Radio-Canada


The program aims to acquire practical and theoretical knowledge in several disciplines of the visual and media arts: painting, sculpture, drawing, printing arts, photographic and videographic processes, sound processing and digital technologies. Building on the continuity of learning, the training is spread over three years in the case of the artistic practical profile, and over four years full-time for the teaching profile of visual and media arts.

The first year of the program is devoted to workshop courses and theoretical courses allowing all students to receive the same basic knowledge. Thereafter, the student registered in the artistic practical profile pursues the acquisition of practical and theoretical knowledge in order to prepare to integrate various professional environments associated with creation.

Students enrolled in the visual and media arts education profile continue their artistic training and begin psycho-pedagogical and didactic training which prepares them to teach visual and media arts at preschool / primary and secondary levels.


— Source: UQAM's website, translated from French with Google Translate

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