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The rapid advancement and integration of digital and interactive technologies within our culture has radically changed the way we communicate and interact with each other.  The BFA-New Media degree was created  to meet the present and future need for content creators capable of applying both linear and non-linear strategies to problem-solving situations.  By combining traditional art, music, drama practices, theory, and criticism with digital and interactive media, the Department of New Media provides students with the skills, knowledge and experience essential for personal and professional excellence and growth in the field of New Media communication. 

The combination of professional-level technology and in-depth multidisciplinary artistic investigation makes this New Media program unique.  As the industry shifts its focus from a primarily technical workforce to a more intellectually developed, technically diverse talent pool, graduates of the BFA-New Media program will be ready to take on complex professional duties requiring high levels of maturity, intellect and technical proficiency. 

Building a foundation in a wide range of technologies and techniques, you study the following topics:

  • Graphic design
  • Web design and development
  • Interaction design
  • 3D modelling, animation and gaming
  • Narrative screenwriting
  • Cinema production and studies
  • Historical and contemporary new media theory


  • Web & Graphic Design
  • Animation & Gaming
  • Cinema Production


— Source: University of Lethbridge's website

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