Sculpture/Installation (BFA)

Academic Institution

The Sharp Centre for Design taken shortly after the new building opened in late 2004
OCAD University. © Richard Johnson


Sculpture/Installation students experiment with the making and transformation of three-dimensional objects in relation to other components, such as space, sound, text and images.

Sculpture is the silent key to the world we encounter every second of every day. You might say that what is not painting, or printmaking, performance or video, what is not photography or film or cyberspace may be sculpture. You might be right. But you may just as easily be wrong.

– Ian Carr-Harris, artist and OCAD U faculty

Requisite studio courses — where you explore the creation and meaning of objects — combine with fabrication studio courses that develop your technical knowledge in areas including:

  • woodworking
  • mould-making
  • plastic and metal fabrication
  • sculpting
  • bronze-casting.

Through dynamic critique environments and courses in the history of sculpture, contemporary theory and practice, you begin to develop and exhibit your own projects and refine your research priorities. Your final-year thesis concentrates on the production of a body of finished work supported by a research paper.

Graduates may go on to pursue a professional studio practice, produce exhibitions, installations and public artworks; become active in curatorial projects; or practice as educators or arts administrators.

— Source: OCAD U's website

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