Expanded Media (BFA)

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The Bachelor of Fine Arts, Major in Expanded Media program offers students the opportunity to explore interdisciplinary practices, collaboration and research, and conceptual and social issues in a range of media arts, including film, video, installation, performance, audio art, digital media, electronics, animation and photography. Hybrid approaches to media arts will enable students to draw on their individual skills, whether they extend across fine art, design, craft or critical studies. With a studio focus, the program is driven by curiosity, exploration, interdisciplinarity, and conceptual development. 

In addition to their chosen area of study, students will have the opportunity to take Interdiscipinary Fine and Media Arts courses that explore a diverse range of visual arts concerns from an interdisciplinary approach. At the senior level, these courses also provide you with opportunities for internship placement in galleries, museums, and artist run centres. 

— Source: NSCAD's website

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