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The Bachelor's programme is staged in collaboration by the University of the Arts Bremen and the University of Bremen. Together, the departments of Media Design at the University of the Arts and Media Computer Science at the University of Bremen span the fields of design, theory and new technology.

The Media Design programme at the University of the Arts offer aspiring designers a thorough grounding in the artistic and functional application of digital media. Combining experimental and artistic elements with applied studies, they encourage young designers to reflect on the wider social contexts and impacts of emerging technologies, while equipping students with the know-how to express their artistic vision. The programme explore the new opportunities for communication and artistic expression created by digital media along with their cultural, social, historical and ethical contexts and impacts. An innovative learning environment ensures that students develop into responsible designers with the expertise to contribute to the development of future technologies.

Placing a premium on interdisciplinary collaboration, the programme foster the development of design competency and technological expertise as well as a structured approach to design practice. The programme provide a solid foundation for interdisciplinary professional practice in such diverse fields as interaction design, interface design, information design, generative design and media art.

Students completing the Bachelor's programme at the University of the Arts will be awarded a Bachelor of Arts. In addition to the semester projects, students can also choose from a range of supplementary courses. The programme is supported by a personal mentoring system, with lecturers accompanying small groups of students throughout a demanding programme of studies that blends design and technology with plenty of scope for students to set individual accents.

Operated jointly by the University of Bremen and University of the Arts Bremen, both the Bachelor's and Master's programmes are focused on training students in artistic / technical methodology and practice.

The programme includes the following areas of study:

  • Audio-visual Media
  • Electro-acoustic Composition
  • Design Fundamentals  
  • Interaction Design
  • Interaction and Space
  • Interface Design
  • Intermedia Design
  • Cultural and Media History / Theory
  • Sound Studies
  • Still Images
  • Temporary Architecture
  • Various courses from the Media Computer Science programme (University of Bremen)


— Source: HFK Bremen's website

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