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Interaction Design, Game Design, Connected objects. Creating tomorrow’s connected experiences.

The MA in Media Design offers a two-year professional programme based on learning about interactive design for scientific and social innovation. Whether you are a graphic or industrial designer, a general engineer or computer engineer, you will address the technological and societal challenges generated by artificial intelligence and new interfaces.

The first year focuses on workshops, practical courses and work in the laboratory. You will learn to prototype interfaces, smart devices, video games and interactive experiences while broadening your understanding of the issues of user experiences. You will get to familiarise yourself with virtual reality, augmented and mixed reality, machine learning, creative programming and electronics. Some of the workshops take place in collaboration with professionals who will guide your work, and form the basis of your future professional integration network. Theoretical and introductory seminars to research methods complement this programme.

The second year is centred on your MA graduation project which includes a research paper and a practical project. Supervised by a tutor, you will carry out the project from its exploratory to production phase, while reflecting on its related exposure and communication. At the end of the programme you will master the practical, playful, critical as well as experimental aspects of the profession. You will thus be ready to consider career prospects in creative industries, research and entrepreneurship.

Key competencies:

  • Workshops, seminars and classes are taught in French and English.
  • Design & Ethnography : usage scenario, design fiction, field research.
  • Object prototyping : Rhinoceros, Arduino, ESP32, 3D printing and high resolution prototyping techniques
  • Creative coding : Processing, p5.js, C++
  • 3D & XR : Unity, Cinema 4D, Vuforia
  • Live & Motion : parametric design and generative design, MadMapper, Adobe After Effects, Ableton live
  • IA & Machine learning : ML5.js, Python


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