Arts & Médias

Critical content and resources on Media Art.

Arts & Médias

Critical content and resources on Media Art.


Currently, seeking information about Media Art info is tedious: there are few features in magazines, there are unmaintained database-like academic websites scattered about, many websites about Digital Art have experimental interfaces and poor user experience.

Nothing great for discoverability for newcomers and enthusiasts.

To fix this, we built this intuitive website, which sits somewhere between a search engine and a curated magazine-like website, where content about Media Art and its siblings can be referenced and showcased.

Arts & Médias is a reference for critical content and resources about (New) Media Art.

The name is a play on Arts et Métiers, which is an engineering school in Paris (FR), but which also means “arts and crafts”.

Our Mission

We understand art as concepts and projects which interact with or critique/criticize art history and institutions. While Media Art does address those themes as well, it is often using contemporary technology and communications tools as matter as well as subject matter.

We wish to offer a portal where one can find artworks and projects, artists, galleries, texts, and many different types of content relative to the subject. We subscribe to the original idea of the web, where websites serve as libraries with hyper-references which links all sorts of content pieces to each other.

We hope this website can be something between curated content and a wiki. We wish to be different things to different people, while serving all with fascinating content.

For Media Art Amateurs

Not every one is a creator, a writer, or a scholar; some simply enjoy this type of art. We wish to offer those people a way to enjoy content, whether it is articles to read, projects and artists to discover, galleries to visit — whether at home or when travelling.

For Artists

While we do not aim to become a portfolio website, we do showcase some projects and artists when we discover them.

Much if not all of our content is built around relationships between people, projects, articles, organizations, etc. This allows visitors and artists to discover their contemporaries and trends that occur.

For Students

Thanks to Arts & Médias, visual artists and artisans, as well as art historians can access many starting points and references for their research. It is also a platform where they can discover their contemporaries and trends that occur.

We also hope that some students will want to publish their academic papers here, which could help offer some of them a first chance at publishing texts outside of academic circles.

For Authors and Writers

There are already many authors of books and writers of editorials, critiques, reviews, etc. out there. Many of them are already published, whether on paper or online. We do not wish to compete with that, we wish to offer a centralized showcase of content that relates to media arts. As such, we do list many articles and books, but we only mention them and link to their original location.

Just as we do for students, we also hope some writers would be interested enough to publish their texts directly on this site as well.

For Translators

Eventually, we wish to translate this site into many languages. This could be an opportunity for translators to obtain contracts to translate texts that are published elsewhere so we could publish them here.

Before we can consider translations, we have to investigate how we could make this work, so that obtain agreement from authors and copyrights holders.

For Educators and Academic Instutions

With many potential visitors, we believe more than a few of them could be interested in pursuing their studies in programs that are related to media art. This would be a good place for many academic institutions and educators to make their academic programs or workshops visible.

We Cannot Do All This Without Your Help

Arts & Médias has the lofty goal of referencing all things related to Media Art. However, cataloguing every possible artwork, artist, and other resource is not possible without help, and currently this project is mainly the result of one person's work.

Is something missing or erroneous? Do you have suggestions?

Consider contributing to help us maintain this site up to date.